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CrowdStrike Falcon Firewall Management
Host Firewall

Falcon Firewall Management: Host Firewall

Falcon Firewall Management provides simple, centralized firewall management, making it easy to manage and enforce host firewall policies.

Firewall Management Made Easy

As more organizations look to adopt host firewall capabilities native to the operating system, they often find effective functionality but are faced with complex, cumbersome management and visibility blind spots that can frustrate administrators and open security gaps.

CrowdStrike® Falcon Firewall Management eliminates the complexity associated with native firewalls by making it easy to manage and enforce policies using a simple, centralized approach. An easy-to-understand activity view provides instant visibility allowing you to monitor and troubleshoot critical rules to enhance protection and inform action.

Delivered via the CrowdStrike Falcon® lightweight agent, single management console and cloud-delivered architecture, Falcon Firewall Management immediately enhances protection from network threats with minimal impact on the host - from initial enablement to ongoing day-to-day use.

Key Benefits of Choosing Falcon Firewall Management

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Falcon Firewall Management makes it easy to create, manage and enforce policies with a simple, centralized approach.

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Defend against network threats, and gain instant visibility to enhance protection and inform action.

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Delivered via the same lightweight Falcon agent, management console and cloud-native architecture, it deploys and is operational in minutes.

State-of-the-art prevention

Simple Firewall Management

  • Easily create, enforce and maintain firewall rules and policies across your Windows and macOS environments.

    • Build new policies based on templates - start with an empty policy, your template or a CrowdStrike template

    • Create a firewall rules group once and reuse it in multiple policies

    • Quickly propagate changes to the appropriate policies

    • Validate rules to prevent administrators from creating faulty rules

    • Seamlessly add new systems to host groups with desired policy

  • Test the entire policy in monitor mode before you deploy to understand what would have been blocked or allowed

Reduced Complexity

  • Simplifies operations by using the same lightweight Falcon agent, management console and cloud-native architecture

  • Deploys and is operational in minutes without requiring reboots, fine-tuning or complex configuration

  • Has no additional impact on hosts, from initial installation to ongoing day-to-day use

  • Streamlines workflows and increases visibility across endpoint security controls due to the single management console for both endpoint protection and host firewall management
Full attack visibility at a glance
Protection everywhere

Better Protection

  • Automatically identify and view specific activities, potential threats and network anomalies

  • At-a-glance activity page provides instant visibility, allowing you to monitor and troubleshoot critical rules and directly modify firewall polices from the page

  • Application and location-aware firewall policies enhance security and provide granular control

Logging, Troubleshooting and Compliance

  • Speed troubleshooting with granular control and visibility

    • Easily enable or disable a specific rule, an entire rules group, or a policy

    • Monitor select or newly added rules

  • Audit all firewall rules and policy changes - see what changed, who did it and when it happened

  • Use role-based access control to ensure that only the appropriate administrators view and manage firewall rules
Protection everywhere


Download the CrowdStrike Falcon Firewall Management Datasheet (.PDF)

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