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CrowdStrike Falcon X
Automated Intelligence

Falcon X: Automated Threat Intelligence

Supercharge your SOC and Incident Response teams with built-in adversary intelligence and get ahead of the attackers next move.

Making Predictive Security a Reality

For cyber protection teams that are struggling to respond to cybersecurity alerts and don’t have the time or expertise to get ahead of emerging threats, the CrowdStrike Falcon X™ solution delivers the critical intelligence you need, while eliminating the resource-draining complexity of incident investigations. Falcon X is the only solution to truly integrate threat intelligence into endpoint protection, automatically performing investigations, speeding response, and enabling security teams to move from a reactive to a predictive, proactive state.

With the unique cloud-native CrowdStrike Falcon platform as a foundation, cybersecurity teams can now automatically analyze malware found on endpoints, find related samples from the industry’s largest malware search engine, and enrich the results with customized threat intelligence. This closed-loop system provides security teams with custom indicators of compromise (IOCs) to share with their other security tools as well as intelligence reporting that tells the complete story of the attack. With a complete understanding of the attack, your team is empowered to respond faster and orchestrate proactive countermeasures across your organization.

Falcon X and integrated threat intelligence is the next step for endpoint protection. It takes antivirus and endpoint detection and response alerts to the next level by not only showing what happened on the endpoint, but also revealing the "who, why and how" behind the attack. Understanding the threat at this level is the key to getting ahead of future attacks and raising the cost to the adversary

Falcon X enables customers of all sizes to better understand the threats they face and improves the efficacy of their other security investments with actionable and customized intelligence to defend against future attacks, making proactive security a reality.

Why Choose Falcon X?

Intelligence Automation

Automatically investigate all incidents and learn from the attacks in your environment. Threats are analyzed in minutes, not hours, empowering your team to outpace the adversary with smarter, faster responses.

Custom Indicators

Orchestrate defenses with custom indicators of compromise (IOCs) generated by threats from your endpoints, allowing you to proactively defend against future attacks.

CrowdStrike Expertise

Get ahead of adversaries with groundbreaking intelligence provided by CrowdStrike’s elite team of threat analysts, security researchers, cultural experts and linguists.

Service Offerings

Gartner states, "by 2021, endpoint protection platforms (EPPs) will provide automated, orchestrated incident investigation and breach response." CrowdStrike is making this prediction a reality by offering the first fully integrated threat intelligence and endpoint protection platform.

Service Offerings

Falcon X automates the threat analysis process and delivers actionable intelligence and custom IOCs specifically tailored for the threats encountered on your endpoints. With this level of automation, you can stop picking and choosing which threats to analyze and start analyzing all threats.

Falcon X combines the tools used by world-class cyber threat investigators into a seamless solution and performs the investigations automatically. The integrated tool set includes malware analysis and malware search, and is enriched with threat intelligence. Falcon X enables all teams, regardless of size or sophistication, to understand better, respond faster and proactively get ahead of the attacker’s next move.

State-of-the-art prevention

Automated Investigations

  • Bring endpoint protection to the next level by combining malware sandbox analysis, malware search and threat intelligence in a single solution

  • Reduce the time and skills required to perform manual incident investigations

  • Identify and investigate related threats and block similar attacks in the future

Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)

  • Visualize relationships between IOCs and adversaries found on your endpoints protected by the Falcon Platform

  • Hunt for threats with IOCs enriched with context

  • Strengthen defenses with CrowdStrike's real-time global IOC feed

  • Pre-built integrations and APIs enable you to orchestrate defenses with existing security solutions
Full attack visibility at a glance
Protection everywhere

Actor Profiles

  • Access 165+ profiles of nation-state, eCrime and hacktivist adversaries

  • Identify adversaries focused on attacking your business, region, or industry

  • Learn about your adversaries’ intent and capabilities and predict their next move

Extend Endpoint Integration

  • Built into the Falcon Platform, there is no integration, administration or deployment required

  • Protected endpoints automatically forward all quarantined files to Falcon X for immediate investigation

  • Streamline your workflow and pivot seamlessly into adversary insights from other CrowdStrike modules
Simple, fast and lightweight

Falcon X Capabilities

Choose the option that suits you best

Falcon X

Automatically investigate incidents and accelerate alert triage and response. Built into the Falcon Platform, it is operational in seconds.

Falcon X Premium

Premium adds threat intelligence reporting and research from CrowdStrike experts - enabling you to get ahead of nation-state, eCrime and hacktivist adversaries.

Falcon X Elite

Elite expands your team with access to an intelligence analyst to help defend against adversaries targeting your organization.


Falcon X

Falcon X Premium

Falcon X Elite

Endpoint Integration
As part of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, there is nothing new to install, deploy or manage. Falcon detections are enriched with threat intelligence on Day One.
Included Component Included Component Included Component
Automated Investigations
Falcon X automates malware analysis and malware search, reducing the time and skills required for incident investigations.
Included Component Included Component Included Component
Indicators of Compromise (IOCS)
Falcon X delivers IOCs derived from malware found on your endpoints and provides access to the global CrowdStrike IOC feed.
Included Component Included Component Included Component
Intelligence Reports
CrowdStrike Intelligence reports expose malicious actors, tools and methods. Reports include daily alerts, in-depth research and strategic insights for cybersecurity leadership.
  Included Component Included Component
Tailored Intelligence
Monitor social media, paste sites, DDoS attacks and botnets for activity against your organization, brand, infrastructure or employees.
  Included Component Included Component
Orchestrate defenses with YARA and SNORT rules created and validated by CrowdStrike Intelligence experts.
  Included Component Included Component
Assigned Intel Analyst
Gain direct access to an assigned CrowdStrike Intelligence expert for up to four named contacts.
    Included Component
Requests for Information
A CrowdStrike Intelligence expert conducts threat research on your behalf and provides a custom intelligence report.
    Included Component
Priority Intelligence Requirements
PIRs help align your intel activities with company strategy. CrowdStrike collects your PIRs and proactively notifies you if activity against your PIRs is observed.
    Included Component


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